Ep. 6 Morgane’s Summer Vacation

Weeks 7 and 8 of Summer Vacation 2016

In This Week’s Episode:

  • The Science of the Kitchen: Sur La Table Cooking Camp
  • Piano Camp
  • Pokémon Go!
  • Little Sister: Marianne’s 4th Birthday

This Week’s French Lesson:

We apologize; for the lack of a french lesson this week. We were both exhausted while recording this episode and we completely forgot! We’ll make up for it in our next episode. If there’s something you would like to know how to say in french let us know in the comments below.

Schedule Change:

This podcast will now be produced every other week instead of weekly. Our schedules with Family in town make it difficult to find a time to sit down when the whole studio (our house) is quiet enough to record.

Summer Reading:

We didn’t talk about it in this episode; but Morgane has been reading Harry Potter. She’s also been watching the Harry Potter movies AND listening to the Harry Potter Audiobooks from Audible.com! She’s getting a full fix of Harry Potter!