About Me


Welcome to GeekyPapa.com!

I have been a life long geek. In early elementary school I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by the older kids in my after-school program. I saw all the Star Wars films in the theatre during their initial releases. In 5th grade I got detention, my teacher took me to the computer lab and taught me to program in BASIC on an Apple IIe. I started writing text based adventure games for the other kids. I attended comic conventions when they occupied a single meeting room of a hotel and every vendor had…comic books.

As I’ve grown older I find the continuous pursuit of knowledge motivates me. I collect hobbies like they’re the latest trading card game. I’m a pilot, astronomer, roboticist, photographer. I just want to know.

Now, I want to share my interests and knowledge with my girls. This website is a place for me to collect and share what I’ve learnt and what I’m learning. Plus, whatever else I think is cool!